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Spring is Here!

The sun is warmer, the Dogwoods are in bloom!!

Blossoms Like Cream

I sit and look at the ancient tree
some say it has a story.
knotty small trunk and twisted 
limbs the same dark color.

I see small twigs, blacker still,
survived the winter's freezing.
At the tip of each fragile stick
bloomed a flower an a-ged color.

no attempt was made to catch the eye, 
caring not so much for visits.
But a visit the flower did have that day
when I thought upon the blooming

they ivory white but underneath 
a smoky colored brown 
light yellow aged a hundred years
turned my mind around

I saw the tree shaped into
a large and handsome frame
twigs made dark keys upon the board
dogwood flowers made the same.

88 keys of flowers and twigs tied onto a string. 
Spring breezes play across the limbs, a distant melody. 
Soft is the willow leaf, bright is the yellow bell, but if
you close your eyes at  Spring what will the dogwood tell?

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