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Excerpt from The Oak Kin

I hear the oaks a’kenning, their earthly gongs drumming softly, intoning. In the slow awake-kenning, each life in the earthly garden senses and breathes in the cosmic light.

I hear harmonies in the silences and in the forest. I am aware of the tides and turnings, the times be ‘tween. A folk of the forest, I am Oak Kin. I am Drui’d.

And, I’ve been listening … for years, sensing the changes in the spheres, feeling the shiftings in the elements of the earth, sea, and skye, knowing the shadows born of the light and of the dark.

Sensing oneness and duality, ever one, ever many, ever changing, I have come to understand, and to feel the energies in flow. Now, I can sense the moments when the light’s balance shifts from sunlight to waning.

Deep within my being, I sense within the turnings the ancient Wheel of the cosmos, I feel the openings of the celestial gates. I feel the solstices and equinoxes throughout all my being and I delight in the dance!"

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